7 Stages of Shipping a Container

Globalization has made the world one single market, leading to increased transportation of goods and services. However, transportation is increasing day by day. Do you know that various procedures are associated with this transportation process?  There are two documentation and five physical shipping procedures, which we must learn while learning about the shipping procedures. Increase… Read More »

India will Grow its Manufacturing Export Industry to $1 trillion.

Exports in India have seen tremendous fluctuations, especially in the recent two years. As India contributes around 3% of the global GDP, it is expected to have a huge export ratio in this value. But, at present, only 1% of the Manufacturing Export of India in the world economy.  However, as per estimates, with various… Read More »

How does the Free Trade Agreement Works For Exporters? Explanation With an Example

Free Trade Agreement is an agreement which allows businesses to conduct easy business transactions with partner countries. It is an agreement which allows a partner country to conduct business with certain benefits like free from tax, tariffs, and inclusion of subsidies, and other prohibitions.  Free Trade Agreements impact various stakeholders, like importers, exporters, and governments.… Read More »

A Step By Step Guide to Registration of Import Export Code

Globalization has led the whole world as a single market. Small to large players try to put the cut-throat competition to the world players. This competition always demands the best import and export practices. However, there are certain procedures a business requires to fulfill to get the legal route for import and export.  IEC, or… Read More »